Swift Programming

The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (2nd Edition)

Book Details

  • Authors: Matthew Mathias, John Gallagher
  • ISBN: 013461061X
  • Publisher: Big Nerd Ranch Guides
  • Publication Date: 2016-12-08
  • Number of pages: 459
  • Edition: 2

Product Description

Through the authors' carefully constructed explanations and examples, you will develop an understanding of Swift grammar and the elements of effective Swift style. This book is written for Swift 3.0 and will also show you how to navigate Xcode 8 and get the most out of Apple's documentation. 

Throughout the book, the authors share their insights into Swift to ensure that you understand the hows and whys of Swift and can put that understanding to use in different contexts.

After working through the book, you will have the knowledge and confidence  to develop your own solutions to a wide range of programming challenges using Swift.

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